The Foundation supports and promotes medical research relating to, and in furtherance of the provision of benevolent relief. The Foundation provides seeding grants to fund innovative and outcome driven projects. The Foundation's Research Program is managed by the Research Committee.


Research Projects

The Foundation is not the sole grant provider for research projects and does not undertake research. The Foundation works with its stakeholders and partners to provide small grants or seed funds to encourage focused research in well defined and specialised areas, with a particular emphasis on research relating to its Outreach program. 

Partners may collaborate with the Foundation to nominate a research project and/or provide sponsorship towards the funding of agreed research projects.


Foundation Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (PRS) Grant

The Foundation supports and promotes early-career plastic surgery related research. The PRS Grant provides funding to initiate and sustain innovative research projects relevant to the Specialty of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Applicants must be able to demonstrate the potential impact of the research project towards improving patient outcomes. 

Recent recipients of the Grant:

  • Dr Ramin Shayan (2013), to undertake research on the project of Understanding the Mechanism and Reversing the Effects of Radiation Injury
  • Dr Michael Findlay (2016), to undertake research on the project of Stem and Progenitor Cell Subpopulation Profiling in Tissue Engineered Breast Reconstruction
  • Dr Kyra Sierakowski (2017), to undertake research on the project of "Hand-Q": a patient reported outcome suitable for clinical application with hand surgery patients.


Partner with Us

There is an opportunity for industry and other organisations to work with the Foundation on its research initiatives. If you share our values and are interested in partnering with the Foundation, please contact us.