Object, Vision, Mission & Goals




Pursue the charitable purpose of relieving the needs of persons suffering from burns, wounds, trauma, disfigurement, disease or other medical conditions. 




To support excellence, safety and integrity in health care



To harness the philanthropic spirit and unique knowledge of Specialist Plastic Surgeons and to deliver innovative, targeted and sustainable projects that provide tangible benefits to patients and their communities in need of medical assistance and care. 



  • To develop and deliver community outreach programs to identify and provide medical care and surgical services
  • To build capacity of nurses, community workers, first responders and medical staff, particularly in rural and remote areas, to identify, treat and appropriately triage persons in need of medical assistance
  • To facilitate plastic surgery education and research relating to, and in furtherance of, the provision of benevolent relief
  • To be a reliable source of information about Plastic Surgery