The Foundation is targeting its outreach program to support people in regional and remote communities who do not have the same access to integrated and specialist health services as is available in cities and major urban centres....Read more

Education and Training

The Foundation provides education and training to a wide range of healthcare practitioners, including surgical trainees and registrars, non-surgical medical professionals, nurses and allied health workers. Education and training opportunities are presented through a variety of forums including lectures, workshops and conferences. Read more


The Foundation facilitates research in Plastic Surgery relating to and in furtherance of the provision of benevolent relief and to increase the body of medical knowledge for the Specialty...Read more

Patient Information

The Foundation website provides patients with useful information about cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Here you can find details about individual procedures, important information about your Specialist Plastic Surgeon, as well as a range of patient resources including FAQs, a glossary of medical terms and useful links. Read more